Jay’s LIFE is the center of everything that I work and create for our society.  It represents the different professions that I spend my time on.  At any given time I am only one, but over the course of many years I have found that squishing myself into one career just didn’t work, so now I just don’t even try to.  This is a representation of who I am right now.  Some of what may come out is that I am still finding myself out, and who knows if I will ever completely understand myself, but I will always enjoy the journey.

Jay’s LIFe is a registered fictitious business name under my 501(c)3 non-profit called the Community LIFE Network.  It represents the LIFE component in that I am sharing and networking through my life talents to support others, and also let you know where I need support.  You too can join the LIFE Support team and work together to build networks through our already existing lives.  Donations are also accepted and go towards educating and supporting others to take part in the community work that I do to help evolve humanity.  No donation to Jay’s LIFE will or can go to benefit me personally in any way.  It all stays in the non-profit organization, which is 100% volunteer run.

For more information about Jay, also known as Blas Jacob Cabrera,

visit Jacob’s LIFE.org