Jay is a scientist at heart.  Our world works with a system that is easily manipulated, which is why we need facts created by blind studies that can be replicated repeatedly across the world before they are accepted as science.  This is a long process, but this is what will give the most stability and security to our society.

Jay studied biology in collage, and comes from a family history of scientists and physicists.  Although he doesn’t have the resources to be able to conduct the types of experiments he would like, he still thinks about conducting them and what it would entail. 

Jay has done experiments with our relationship with plants and role of art within the natural ecosystem.  Jay has many ideas for how energy can be harnessed and understood on the spiritual plane, and the relationship between the brain and our spirituality.

Scientific studies on client outcome based results for health care are essential for reducing costs and improving our health care system. 

Additionally Jay thinks a lot about dark matter, magnetics, time, and utilize science to help make the most difficult decisions for the world, especially in relation to the environment in order to reduce the bias in our decision making with unbiased data.

I am a scientist.