I am a inventor.

Jay always had new ideas for devices, applications, interfaces, and decision making methods, among other things.

Jay’s most ambitious inventions are his new mechanical time systems.  These include new calendars, syncronometers, and cyclonometers that use the sun, moon, and seasonal cycles to give the most accurate and useful time keeping systems in history.  His goal is to create what he calls actual time which takes into account that mechanical time is always changing in relation to the present moment.

An example of one of Jay’s calendars is the 366 year calendar, which takes into account that there are actually 366 earth days (not 365 solar days) every year.  This is important in astrology and any earthly relationship to the cosmos because although the sun rises above the horizon 365 times a year, the rest of the cosmos rises 366 times. Currently Jay’s 366 day calendar starts on September 20th at 6pm, and every day is about 4 minutes less than a solar day. (4minutes*365 = ~24 hours)

Jay has many other ideas and inventions that he would love to work on in the future, but one of the ones that is near the top of the list, is a hand held device easily accessible to the public, that has a sensory device to record the purity of water and air at a molecular level.