Jay loves working with plants.  He likes to collect seeds and grows crops, and flower gardens.  Jay’s favorite type of garden is a natural garden and working with restoring natural landscapes. Jay believes that plants deserve rights as the foundation of ecosystems and the life support system on planet Earth, deserve rights.  Plant rights as a concept simply means that plants deserve to be protected and supported to thrive as much as possible.  Plants, just like animals, should only be killed for our individual livelihood in a respectable way, and when plants are killed we should pay the entire cost to the natural economy.

Jay wants to see more natural gardening in the world, and educates people about gardening for the sake of the urban ecosystem and not just our own enjoyment.  There is an incredible amount of good that we can do by evolving our knowledge of the garden ecosystem and edible ecosystems. Jay also puts in effort and spends time rescuing plants that are to be killed and instead replants them.  Its impossible to save every plant, but the goal is to give a plant a chance.  Jay’s favorite ecosystem  restoration activity to work on is river ecosystem restoration.  We can help streams and rivers become clean and pure through natural filters and land water saturation systems. 

Jay has a passion for learning the names and relationships/families of all plants in the garden, as well as wild edibles.  For more information on Jay’s Gardening techniques visit his business website: BJC Gardening. (This Link takes you into a for-profit site)

I am a gardener.