Jay has been working with computers since he was six years old.  Mainly his experience is with Apple Macintosh computers, but he is also proficient with PC’s.

Jay started his designing experience by creating flyers and graphics during his years organizing as a volunteer in college.  Over a few years he became proficient in Adobe programs, and learned how to do websites as well utilizing html code, and programs like dreamweaver and iweb.

Currently Jay is learning how to program for mobile applications, mainly the iPhone and iPad.  You can click here to learn more about Jay’s new Common English Constitution of the United States App(This Link takes you into a for-profit site)

Jay is also available for hire to create digital designs, logos, flyers, websites, and mobile apps for creating slick and simple designs.  Click here to visit Jay’s business website: BJC Designs. (This Link takes you into a for-profit site)

I am a designer.