Since 2008, Jay has been committed to running for public office for the rest of his life.  He is a public servant at heart.

Jays main goal in running is to get his perspectives and ideas heard, and add new ideas and hope for directions that people didn’t believe were possible.   Jay wants to see a evolved governance system and open the political arena to many more shape and forms of representation so that everyone feels that their government is working for them because they feel directly connected and interacting with it.

Jay believes that we define government to be what we want it to be and make in our laws.  He is running to redefine just that.  Jay is not only putting out ideas of how to make government function better, but willing to put his life into it to show that it is possible.  Jay believes that government can not only be better, but be a fun and enjoyable experience for all citizens.

You visit Jay’s Candidacy Portal to see what positions he is running for now.


I am a candidate for public office.