I am spiritual, and as my name is Das, which means servant, I see myself connected to a larger realm of consciousness through spiritual means.  My purpose here in this world is to serve humanity, the planet, help bring forgiveness, help bring union of spiritual and religious practices, and global politics and opinions.

I am a public servant, and have dedicated myself to run for public office for the rest of my life.  If the people want me to serve them, I am here to do my best on behalf of them and all future generations.

Although I am a spiritual person, I am also a scientist, and my visions and experiences aren't enough for me.  I truly want to see, at some point in the next few hundred years, for science to prove the existence of a spiritual/ etherial plane and how to interact with it, or to prove that this plane is all made up in our incredible brains.  But until then, I have one foot in both realms as they both provide essential solutions and support for the world we live in.

I am a servant.