Jay has written one book, and is currently working on many others.

For more information on Jay’s first book you can go to website for The Invisible World. (This Link takes you into a for-profit site)

Jay is working on a prequel to his first book that will be a journey through the pinnacle of evolution of the human consciousness into its spiritual and energetic existence, and the inevitable acceptance or conformation of the ability of the brain to create spiritual experiences where none actually exist or the creation of scientific proof of the existence of the etherial realm itself.  These are two of the four possible outcomes that will be explained in detail, with scientific experiments that relate to the future of how we as a civilization understand the invisible world.

Jay is also working on a receipt book, as well as an account of the visions that he sees for the evolution of humanity on this planet, and beyond, with the focus on the rights for all Life, including corporations.

Jay is also working on getting all his books in e-book formats.

I am a author.