I am a visionary.

Jay is a visionary with local, regional and global ideas.  He even dreams of galactic federations with other possible humanoids across the galaxy that although we don’t know exist, we should be prepared for just in case.

To ensure stability and security, it is essential to envision what to do in the most unlikely scenarios, even though there may be thousands of unlikely scenarios.  Although the plausibility of each one occurring is very small, the probability that one of them will occur is much greater.  So you prepare for all of them.

To deal with the huge problems that face humanity and the planet, we need global participatory community that can directly connect people across the world.  It isn’t enough to only have government leaders communicating on behalf of the people of the world, because any single person could have the answer that will lead us to solve the most difficult problems.

Jay wants to see a better world, and wants to see humanity evolve to help everyone including the earth, ecosystems, and animals that live upon it.  Now is the time to enter into a new era of collaboration for an abundance of life, prosperity, green energy, and to make a reality of all those ideas that just don’t seem plausible right now.  Why should we go to all this effort?  Because the alternative isn’t a pretty sight.

Jay is currently working on a book that highlights many of his visionary ideas.